About us

Evolve is a non-profit organisation which is Adipro Chemicals CSR company. It is focused on supporting underprivileged girls with school supplies and heartfulness relaxation to support them in their development and enhance their productivity in the society.

Pacegate Limited is a manufacturer of UN-certified steel drums based in Lagos, Nigeria. Pacegate manufactures 210 liters steel drums in tight head, open head and internally lacquered drums. We also distribute lubricant additives and OCP Pellets. The brands Pacegate distributes are ADIPRO, Goodway, Ganesh Benzo plast, and Innov Oil.


Vision of Pacegate Group
Our ultimate purpose at Pacegate is to create environments that permit the shift in collective consciousness of businesses and the communities in which they operate, to one that is sustainable and responsible in the long run.


Mission of Pacegate Group
We will live up to our values, walk the talk, serve as an example to many and by doing so we will co- create an inspiring place to contribute, to stay, to grow and to care.

Pacegate Energy & Resources Limited (PEARL), an arm of Pacegate Limited which has been serving Nigeria since 1979, as an indigenous local content company manufacturing production chemicals and Gas treatment chemicals. We offer services like water testing, lubricants testing, investigative analysis, condition monitoring, Inprocess analysis, crude related analysis, product form and testing.

Our Team.

From left to Right Maryam Muritala, Ismail Yahya, Godwin Ejeh, Wilfred Okwedi, Lydia Aguoma